Jul. 17th, 2013 09:31 am
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Hello! My name is Asmaria and I'm learning to make bento! I never really liked cooking much until I started making them. It's a lot more exciting now!

Here's one I made today, with a bunch of local veggies I got from a farmers market delivery (I use if you're interested).

bento 7-17-13
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bento 08-13-10, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

Nothing amazing here, but it's satisfying. We got some white meat chicken nuggets (lettuce as a prettifying and edible liner) with Kewpie mayo mixed with Sriracha sauce. You could probably get me to eat an old shoe sole if you put enough of this condiment on it.

Also some grape tomatoes and crinkle-cut carrots, apples and oranges in extra light syrup (comes in a neat sealed cup, no need to take out and re-pack) and a couple of Little Debbies. I really want to get one of those individual cupcake containers for my desserts, but I've only been able to find disposable paper ones. I want something I can wash and re-use.

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Hi, I'm new :]. [personal profile] martyna pointed me to this community!

I make bentos every day - my journal actually is dedicated to bento only. Feel free to drop by and have a look at my older bentos ;).

Wednesday's bento was in the big box again - rice with gomashio, turkey teriyaki, salad, orange wedges and grapes.

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Aw, am I the only one packing stuff into boxes and neurotically taking pictures of it? Will I make a pest of myself showing off the lunch I take to work? QUESTIONS!

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Bento 003

Aug. 30th, 2010 08:10 pm
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Bento 003.5

What adventure awaits Tomato Boy?

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Bento comm needs some lunch! I've been making bentos for the last few years, though I got out of the habit of photographing them a while ago. I think I'll get back into the habit. :3

Posting two here, newest first.

Bento 002

Bento 002

Clockwise from the top: baby carrots, cocktail tomatoes, penguin with ranch dressing inside, tiny orange bell pepper, meat lasagna.

Proof that you don't really need fancy boxes to do bento-- this one is a simple Sterilite box picked up from Target.

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Poor little bento comm. Bentos need more love! LET US COMMENCE THE LOVING.

I haven't been making bentos for very long at all, but I love having a plan and then totally making it up as I go along instead! And today my strange methods paid off and I made a meal I am darn proud of:

In the top two compartments are tomato wedges, kumquats, green grapes, and blueberries. The main compartment had a thick layer of red lettuce, sliced orange bell pepper, broccoli, and strawberries. After I took the picture I tucked chickpeas and black olives into the sides of the main compartment (and ate two of the strawberries - shhh!). There's dressing/dip in a little yogurt container (not pictured) so that things can be eaten as either munchies or as a salad. I was worried about this being not very filling for long (it's for my dad, who leaves for work at 7am and comes home at 7pm) so in the lid I put two little toasted cheese breads. Whew! A lot of stuff! He'll eat it all though. I hope he remembers to bring a fork...

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I hope linking to my Follow Friday post on cooking where I mention a couple of bento-related feeds is fine in this community. If you have any other feeds to share - comment away!
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So this community's sort of dead, but in an effort to support DW, and the fact that I've just made my very first onigiri bento...

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May. 6th, 2009 03:45 pm
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As I said in the community bio this is a place where you can post about bento! Recipes, share your own bento creations, and share resources. I'm new to the world of bento so I'm looking forward to learning a lot!

So welcome to Bento Picnic!

The first order of business is that I need suggestions for our communities interests so that others can find us. Please share what you think should be added and I'll add them.


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