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Poor little bento comm. Bentos need more love! LET US COMMENCE THE LOVING.

I haven't been making bentos for very long at all, but I love having a plan and then totally making it up as I go along instead! And today my strange methods paid off and I made a meal I am darn proud of:

In the top two compartments are tomato wedges, kumquats, green grapes, and blueberries. The main compartment had a thick layer of red lettuce, sliced orange bell pepper, broccoli, and strawberries. After I took the picture I tucked chickpeas and black olives into the sides of the main compartment (and ate two of the strawberries - shhh!). There's dressing/dip in a little yogurt container (not pictured) so that things can be eaten as either munchies or as a salad. I was worried about this being not very filling for long (it's for my dad, who leaves for work at 7am and comes home at 7pm) so in the lid I put two little toasted cheese breads. Whew! A lot of stuff! He'll eat it all though. I hope he remembers to bring a fork...

During the school year I made bento to bring to university and I'd eat in this lovely little spot under the pine trees. So relaxing!

Clockwise from the top: dried apricots, kiwi half, boiled egg, thin crackers, sliced bell pepper, leftover rice, candied lemon slice, and ants-on-a-log. If you haven't had that, it's tasty! Peanut butter and raisins on celery - mmmm. It got weirdly soggy though - probably too much moisture from the kiwi and rice and pepper. This ended up being way too much food for me. I ate about half of it.

I don't have bento boxes, so I have to get creative with tupperware sometimes! Using a round one with tall, steep sides, I stacked things to make a really tasty and fun meal:
Top: mini pizza

Middle: apple slice decorated with apple (so original!), kept from browning with lemon juice; kiwi quarters

Bottom: sad little apple bunnies; Baybel cheese; same kiwi quarters as before; all on a heap of pomegranate seeds!

I admit it, I ate this one right up. Delicious. I felt really satisfied, but I'd like to see more colors and veggies in my bento...
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